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We are one of those few schools that practice a system of inclusive education. Our highly qualified team of Educators ensures that children with diverse needs are given individual attention. This is also one of a handful of schools where children spend the maximum possible time with their peers – forging relationships, navigating new challenges and being given the best of both, specialized instruction and the proverbially precious school years. Here, at Heritage International School, we make all available platforms as fertile as possible in order to enable growing talents to flourish and thrive. Heritage International School will ensure that a child’s interests and talents meet in a manner that is cohesive, constructive and creative.

This is an institution where students become a part of a greater family; a place where the collective effort goes into ensuring that students, who come to us seeking education, leave with a sense of empowerment and a realization of their responsibility, not only towards themselves, but also to the world around them.

Altamash Zeshaan Sheikh
Heritage International School

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Principal Message

A school is a building with four walls and a future inside’
Heritage International is a school with International standards that aims to provide a quality educational programme that is conducive to learning. We prioritize academic excellence with instructional objectives clearly defined to nurture and challenge each and every individual learner. Exhaustive training in all area encourages students to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively. We are committed to making our school a place where students are prepared to face the challenges of future by not only helping them acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills but also by building their character and personality. The core curriculum is enriched with a number of co-curricular activities to provide a well round education. Educational and recreational field trips are organized which give learning an interesting dimension. The scope of our academic and co-curricular setup will continue to grow. “For, in growth is development and in development there is lifelong learning.”

Lubna Rashid
Heritage International School

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Pre Primary Principal's Message

Excellence in academic, and all round development of the child’s personality is our ultimate goal. A well planned co-curriculum programme enables the students to attain their full potential. The concerts, sports, quizzes projects and varied activities teach the children to be creative, communicative global citizen exposed to numerous ideas from our country and the world around us. This exposure which is both meaningful and stimulating set the stage for success later in life ,a treasure house of positive memories for years to come.

In today’s fast changing world there is a vast difference between the generations of today and the one that will emerge a year from now. To keep ourselves abreast of the rapidly changing scenario we have well trained and competent teaching staff who work relentlessly to bring out the best in every child. Workshops for them on subject enrichment as well as improving the non- cognitive development of the child are regularly held.

Tasneem Saeed
Pre Primary Principal
Heritage International School

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Heritage International School Envisions To Become The Preferred Learning Centre For Education With State Of Art Infrastructure And All The Modern Amenities And Deliver Academic Excellence Along With Developing Strong Moral Values In Its Students That Is Reflected In Their Character.

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We at Heritage International School Work On The Belief That Education Should Reach To The Last Child And No Child Be Left Behind.

Heritage International School Mission Is To Nurture Students To Become Leaders With Exemplary Communication Skills And Deep Knowledge. We Would Be Striving To Develop Essential Skills Like Critical Thinking By Providing Ample Exposure During The Course Of Schooling. Creativity Is Another Skill That We Have Incorporated In Our Curriculum Along With Key Skills Like Collaboration That Would Enable Students To Work In Teams Sports Would Be To Encouraged Among Students To Ensure Overall Physical Fitness.


The HIS is developed with a spirit and a vision. Today it stands as a centre of learning and a precursor of quality consciousness, committed to developing the minds and initiatives of children. The HIS family is growing every day; believing that quality education is the high road to both individual and national progress. We at HIS have a team of qualified, experienced & dedicated teachers to take care and recognize and appreciate strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. We believe that the primary role of a teacher is to build character and instill wisdom in children.

The Institution is ably supported by a large and extremely dedicated support staff that includes assistants, house -keeping personnel. The Institution has one of the best employee remuneration programmes. It leaves no stone unturned to provide career -enhancement training forums, awareness workshops, multi-skills training and advanced courses. These workshops play a vital role in upgrading the knowledge base and the latest trends in education. The highly qualified and experienced staff is dedicated and passionate and match the effervescence of Gen-Next students.

Teachers are well prepared to integrate technology into the learning process, not as an external element, but to enhance & help in anchoring the entire learning. This translates into well groomed and knowledgeable students who become the much admired benchmark for o ther Institutions in the city, and elsewhere. Teachers are not mere transmitters of knowledge; they are facilitators, friends, guides, role models and mentors.

Our Team

Meet Our Staff

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Alaiha Qureshi

A dedicated, learned, committed teacher with experience of 9 years makes learning easy for tiny tots

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Farhat Khan

Over 6 years of superior interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with students staff and parents

Team Image

Nausheen H Rehman (Admin)

An able and responsible Admin for 8yrs.Plays a crucial role in the day to day life of our school by providing a wide range of administrative support to keep everything running as smooth as possible.

Team Image

Sheeba Firdos

A self directed action oriented facilitator with over 10 years of experience in education.

Team Image

Sneha Choudhari

Skilled in adapting to students diverse learning style who maintains a calm and controlled classroom.

Team Image

Swati Upare

An educator with 9 yrs of teaching experience thoroughly enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression

Team Image

Tasmiya Patka

Multi talented facilitator committed to maintaining high standards in education and emphasis on developing reading skills in pupils.

Team Image

Anamta Farooque

Professional educator with 10yrs of diverse experience, fostering child centred curriculum.

Team Image

Afreen Sheikh

Encouraging educator who offers plenty of real world examples and positive reinforcement.

Team Image

Aaliya Javed

Is a facilitator who aims to activate the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, wisdom and compassion in the pupils.

Team Image

Abrar Ansari

Have been a football coach for almost 9 yrs. As a PE teacher he not only develops physical skills in class but also encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle in students.

Team Image

Naved Ahmed

As a creative designer of our school he has been artistically conceptualizing and designs, content for online campaigns, print ads, website and even videos.