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The HIS is developed with a spirit and a vision. Today it stands as a centre of learning and a precursor of quality consciousness, committed to developing the minds and initiatives of children. The HIS family is growing every day; believing that quality education is the high road to both individual and national progress. We at HIS have a team of qualified, experienced & dedicated teachers to take care and recognize and appreciate strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. We believe that the primary role of a teacher is to build character and instill wisdom in children.

The Institution is ably supported by a large and extremely dedicated support staff that includes assistants, house -keeping personnel. The Institution has one of the best employee remuneration programmes. It leaves no stone unturned to provide career -enhancement training forums, awareness workshops, multi-skills training and advanced courses. These workshops play a vital role in upgrading the knowledge base and the latest trends in education. The highly qualified and experienced staff is dedicated and passionate and match the effervescence of Gen-Next students.

Teachers are well prepared to integrate technology into the learning process, not as an external element, but to enhance & help in anchoring the entire learning. This translates into well groomed and knowledgeable students who become the much admired benchmark for o ther Institutions in the city, and elsewhere. Teachers are not mere transmitters of knowledge; they are facilitators, friends, guides, role models and mentors.

Our Team

Meet Our Staff

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Alaiha Qureshi

A dedicated, learned, committed teacher with experience of 9 years makes learning easy for tiny tots

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Farhat Khan

Over 6 years of superior interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with students staff and parents

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Nausheen H Rehman (Admin)

An able and responsible Admin for 8yrs.Plays a crucial role in the day to day life of our school by providing a wide range of administrative support to keep everything running as smooth as possible.

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Sheeba Firdos

A self directed action oriented facilitator with over 10 years of experience in education.

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Sneha Choudhari

Skilled in adapting to students diverse learning style who maintains a calm and controlled classroom.

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Swati Upare

An educator with 9 yrs of teaching experience thoroughly enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression

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Tasmiya Patka

Multi talented facilitator committed to maintaining high standards in education and emphasis on developing reading skills in pupils.

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Anamta Farooque

Professional educator with 10yrs of diverse experience, fostering child centred curriculum.

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Afreen Sheikh

Encouraging educator who offers plenty of real world examples and positive reinforcement.

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Aaliya Javed

Is a facilitator who aims to activate the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, wisdom and compassion in the pupils.

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Abrar Ansari

Have been a football coach for almost 9 yrs. As a PE teacher he not only develops physical skills in class but also encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle in students.

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Naved Ahmed

As a creative designer of our school he has been artistically conceptualizing and designs, content for online campaigns, print ads, website and even videos.