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Code Of Conduct

How To Be Good Student
  • HIS students should take care of their health and be robust and strong.
  • They should be polite and courteous with everyone and everywhere. They should be friendly with others in and out of the school. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.
  • They should always be ready to lend a helping hand and accept whatever work is assigned to them, gracefully.
  • There should be no vulgarity and obscenity in their talk and behaviour. They should know that cruelty is the trait of a bully, while kindness is the mark of gentleman.
  • They should not accept undue favour from any stranger either in the form of a gift or a ride on their vehicle. They should never hesitate to say ‘NO’ when asked or tempted to do anything wrong.
  • They must take care of the school property and no student should scratch or spoil the school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in anyway damage things belonging to the school.
  • Coming late and missing classes will go against the student as his/her house will be awarded negative points for this.
  • They should take pride in wearing the school uniform.

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Shama Mirza

I am Delighted To Appreciate The Efforts Of The School And Faculty During The Pandemic. The Teachers Have Been Extremely Motivating In The Entire Online Process And Had Become The Driving Forces For All The Students. Knowing That Our Wards Are Mentored By The Teachers At Heritage International School Acts As A Comfort To Us Parents. The School Has Made Sure That No Student Feels That Their Learning Has Been Comprised During The Lockdown Period.

Parents of Areeb Mirza

Team Heritage You Did Really Good Work.All Teachers Are Really Very Hard Working. We Thank All Your Teachers From Bottom Of Our Hearts. We Admited Our Child In Heritage School From Other School. We Are Extremely Happy With Our Decision. This Was His First Year In Your School And Our Child Is Also Very Happy And Excited To Come To School !! Thanks Once Again We Are Really Impressed With Your Hardwork !!

Mother of Ashmaan Ahmad

You are doing wonderful things to sharpen knowledge our child by using new technologies. We are really thankful to all teachers and school supporting staff who are involved . I'm feeling blessed that my child having such a wonderful teachers. "Recent time is an example that technology and the power of a teacher perseverance can create wonders".